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  • Why Brands should take a new digital approach to Responsible Growth
    This blog, from DNV GL, outlines how businesses can engage their consumers in powerful authentic brand stories that promote trust and highlight sustainability.

  • Energy regulations: Coming to a home near you
    The launch of the new version 10 of the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP10) means that energy regulations are changing. But what does this mean for our buildings?

  • 10 lessons from 10 years of sustainability
    After a decade of leading the sustainability agenda at Capgemini, Dr James Robey shares his top 10 lessons learnt.

  • 10 years on from the Climate Change Act, how far have we come?
    The first line of the Climate Change Act passed in 2008 reads "it is the duty of the Secretary of State to ensure that the net UK carbon account for the year 2050 is at least 80% lower than the baseline".

  • How does the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures impact the SDGs?
    The Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures, or TCFD, is all about climate change. Or is it? Carolina Karlstrom, independent action researcher and sustainability expert, takes a closer look at the financial disclosure initiative and identifies how its impact on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is wider than you might think.

  • Black Friday is the antithesis of sustainable business, but there's an alternative
    It's that time again. Today is Black Friday, the biggest sales event of the year, as Britain's retailers stack high and sell low before Christmas. Sustainable Development Goal 12 (sustainable consumption and production patterns) seems all but forgotten for the time being.

  • Kick-starting 2019 with the Sustainability Leadership Programme
    For those of you looking to make 2019 the year that you lead your organisations to sustainable growth, Cranfield and edie's new Sustainability Leadership Programme - starting in January - is the ideal opportunity to set yourself up for success.

  • The challenges have been set, now business must rise to them
    In the food business, Mission Possible should really be 'Mission Necessary'. We'll have to feed nearly 10 billion people by 2050. And we'll have to do so without destroying the natural resources on which food production depends.

  • Food security: The power of data insights, knowledge sharing and collaboration
    Increasing agricultural productivity is a global imperative. To feed a rising global population it has been estimated that we need to grow more food in the next 40 years than we did in the previous 10,000. If that wasn't stark enough, the challenge is being compounded by climate volatility.

  • From Green GB Week to baffling Budgets: There's still much to be done on sustainability
    A lot can change in a fortnight. The UK's first Green GB Week highlighted the benefits of clean growth on an unprecedented level. But after this year's budget proved to be a mixed bag for the green economy, inspiration needs to convert into ongoing action if we are to bring about meaningful change.

  • Thinking of going circular? Start with your energy
    Businesses are increasingly looking to move away from linear to circular models in their operations and supply chain as we strive to reach our Paris 2050 goals, but where does energy fit in this picture and how can it help businesses be sustainably profitable and profit sustainably?

  • The EV industry viewpoint: Charging towards the future
    With air quality and climate change dominating headlines and public opinion, the UK is charging ahead into a future of electric motoring.

  • Why sustainable business isnt enough
    This month, Europe's leading sustainability professionals gathered in London. As I listened to them speak, a question burned on my mind. What happens if we succeed by the sustainability standards we've set ourselves? We report accurately, we meet corporate carbon targets and we stop using modern slaves?

  • Energising retail to achieve a sustainable future
    What does the retail business of the future look like from an energy and sustainability perspective; and what technologies, innovations and solutions must be scaled up to achieve that sustainable future, today? E.ON's head of segment sales, retail and logistics Jan Wollesen explains.

  • Going beyond science-based targets
    Dr. James Robey, global head of environmental sustainability at Capgemini, explores the importance of setting bold targets and how Capgemini UK is going beyond science-based targets to become carbon positive.

  • One year on from the Clean Growth Strategy - making the case for energy efficiency in the UK
    Antoinette Sandbach MP writes on the importance of energy efficiency in the UK, as a follow-up to a Carbon Connect roundtable she co-chaired: 'The Clean Growth Strategy - Next Steps for Heat and Energy Efficiency' in December 2017, which was part of a roundtable series looking in depth at the Clean Growth Strategy. The roundtable series was the basis to a new policy brief 'One year on: delivering clean growth' which has been launched on the Carbon Connect website today (12 October).

  • What we can learn from the BBCs Drowning in Plastic documentary
    This isn't a piece about plastics, or how businesses can and should be reducing their plastics footprint. But, the BBC's jaw-dropping and necessarily bleak investigation into the havoc that plastics are causing the environment does offer some potential learnings for a sustainability professional.

  • The SDG stumbling blocks: Whats stopping us?
    Today is the Global Day of Action as part of Global Goals Week (22-29 September). But with the UK reportedly only performing well on less than a quarter of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), why are our ambitions not converting into ACTIONS at a business level?

  • One foot in today, the other in tomorrow
    The retail sector has done much in the last decade on sustainability, but it is increasingly apparent that all this has just been a dress rehearsal, a beginning not an end.

  • The built environment: Leading the way with LEDs
    Lighting makes our world. Imagine the London skyline at night without the millions of lights illuminating the city, or trying to navigate your office, local shopping centre or even your home with just a candle... Like it or not, the built environment is completely dependent on lighting to provide us with the internal environments we need and expect.

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